Working alone: 10 ways to combat any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Working alone: 10 ways to combat any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Working alone: 10 ways to combat any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Working alone: 10 ways to combat any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Working for yourself can be tremendously rewarding and has many benefits.You can theoretically work in your pyjamas, take breaks at your own choosing, eat your lunch at 10am and chose which station is played on your radio.There is no ‘boss’ breathing down your neck to check what time you arrived and if you want to finish early then in theory you can!

However, with the rise of freelancing, flexible working and different working models, broadband speeds, video conferencing and technical development, it means that hundreds and thousands of us are in the same situation and often working alone can be a very lonely place.

Fortunately, there is lots that you can do to combat these feelings of loneliness and if you take on board these suggestions then you can make the best of both worlds.

  • Change your scenery
  • Attend Networking events
  • Phone someone instead of emailing
  • Don’t sit in silence
  • Be social – use social tools
  • Take regular breaks
  • Set yourself an office space
  • Set yourself regular ‘working’ hours
  • Develop trusted partners or colleagues
  • Listen to other’s opinions.

Perhaps take a phone call in the garden, go to a coffee shop for a meeting, do your thinking in another room or perhaps even some early morning work in bed! Whatever you choose, sometimes just changing the scene can make you feel more productive and less alone

Get out there, chat to people, bounce ideas off other professionals, grab a coffee with local businesses.Any kind of interaction with others is not other great for your business in terms of ‘selling’ your services, but it’s also great for your mind too, to create a feeling of community and unity and to speak to actual humans face-to-face!

Something as simple as a five-minute conversation can often freshen the brain.Instead of the endless loop of emailing, just a pleasant conversation might make all the different to your day

Put the radio on, go to a local coffee shop, have the television on in the background.Sometimes just hearing other noises and voices can make you feel less alone and providing that you’re not doing something that requires huge brain power then it’s a great trick.

There are many networking groups across all social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter all are great sources to ‘chat’ to others about a challenge you are facing, use these to your advantage, not only to promote your business but also your mind.

Essential for your sanity and peace of mind.Taking regular breaks is essential for you to remain productive and stay sane.

It may help for you to have a particular room in the house that is your ‘workplace’ so that you confine your work to there.When you arrive it’s time to work but when you leave, it’s the end of the day.This will help compartmentalise your work from your play

As above, sometimes working set hours makes it easier for you to remain focussed and less alone.

Perhaps through networking or otherwise, you’ll build up a trusted group of other professionals that are like you, working alone.Use these people to lean on, chat to and perhaps even work together in order for you to build up your own work friends!

What have other people done to help them through feelings of isolation?Perhaps through listening to other people’s ideas and how they overcame challenges this will help you too.