Why You Should… work with small businesses

Why You Should.. … work with small businesses

Why You Should… work with small businesses

When you decide who to work with, how much does the size of a business matter? A professional partnership is a vital decision, since it often functions as a two way street. Are you a small business yourself? Do you feel more secure working with global brands? Often this sense of security is falsely placed, with many anecdotal complaints about larger scale organisations being the worst for paying invoices on time. So what are the great things about working with a small business?

Personal Response

We’re back to the invoice question here. A small business is less likely to lose invoices in ‘the system’. With limited people that you can talk to, you will always speak to a human. This means that you will receive a personal service that is more likely to be satisfactory to both parties. For example, working directly with a virtual assistant gives a business the benefit of skills that are supplied with a personal touch.

Long Term Relationships

Working with a small business often means growth! Small businesses grow and you have the scope to form a really positive long term relationship. Many long term partnerships with virtual assistants find that the longevity of their relationship has meant a completely tailored and unique business partnership has been formed.

Attention to Detail

Along with personal service comes attention to detail. Small businesses tend to score highly here since each aspect of the business is likely to be overseen by someone who has an interest in performance. A far cry from faceless call centres, you’ll find marketing, accounting and product supply are subject to far more stringent attention.

Local Knowledge

Especially if you are a local business yourself, working with another local business means that you benefit from a strong local knowledge. This translates into a great background for making marketing decisions. Perhaps your organisation operates nationally. So to source local businesses for your professional partners will lend you a vital knowledge within local target areas.

So, when you decide where to direct your business partnerships, think about the benefits of going small. As virtual assistants, we know how great we and other small businesses are. After all, the best things come in small packages!