Why You Should… Update Social Media

Why You Should.. … Update Social Media

Why You Should… Update Social Media

Having a presence on social media means more than simply setting up a facebook page. This method of marketing and visibility needs to be constantly refreshed in order to remain effective. If you come across the facebook page of a small business, for example, which has not posted in over a year you are unlikely to use that service. In many ways, this is more prohibitive to business than not having a facebook page in the first place!

So let’s take a look at some ways in which regular social media updates can benefit your small business. Social media is very different to your corporate website, which exists as a source of information to which your social media drives your potential clients. So think about the ways in which your social media can encourage customers to make that step to onward click to your business website.

Showcase your work

Instagram is a great platform on which to visually promote your work. Take photos of completed contracts, installations and commissions. Similarly, you can produce aesthetic images to present new stock, products and services. Add hashtags to get the image onto more news feeds and your images will work for you.

Engaging posts

This is all about the likes and shares. By posting in a way that engages your existing clientele and encourages shares and tags, you will be able to improve the reach of your Facebook presence and put your business name in front of an expanding audience.


Feedback is vital in any growing business. Especially a local enterprise that relies on positive word of mouth to reach potential clients. Think of platforms such as Facebook and Trip Advisor as enhanced word of mouth. By promptly answering queries and encouraging reviews of your services, your interaction will encourage more business.

Finding the time

Despite the growing importance of social media in the modern economy, it can easily become neglected. Especially when there are several platforms to juggle at one time. Often, the best way to maintain regular updates and presence on your various social media accounts is to get someone else to do it. Appoint a virtual assistant who is experienced in social media platforms. They will compose, schedule and interact with your posts while maintaining your unique corporate tone. This leaves you free to get on with all the new business that your social media engagement brings in!