Why You Should… take time out

Why You Should.. … take time out

Why You Should… take time out

All work and no play… the saying begins. It may not actually make you ‘dull’, but we believe that it can make you far less productive! A benefit to working with a small business is that a client receives a truly personal service. In this way, success depends very much on the individual. So here we look at why it’s important to take time out. Not just for your own health, but for the growth of your business.

Mental fatigue

This is a type of stress on the brain, caused by continuous concentration, which makes it harder for you to focus and make decisions. This can be a short term issue or over time a more deep rooted challenge. Obviously, any obstruction to your decision making processes could be significant to the health of your business. So it is clear that sufficient mental rest is vital.

How to take time out

How do you achieve this, though? It’s one thing saying that it’s important to rest. It’s another to actually do it. Entrepreneurs tend to always have one part of their brain constantly tuned into their business. So how do you properly switch off in order to prevent mental fatigue from occurring?

All in the schedule

Firstly, try to structure regular times of rest in your daily schedule. This could be in the middle of the day, or perhaps during the mid afternoon ‘slump’.


Longer term breaks work alongside, not instead of, shorter breaks. By taking a holiday away from your working environment, you can return refreshed to your business. This enables you to capture your previous enthusiasm and passion for your small business.


Key to all this is to cover your times of rest or absence. From a summer holiday to covering lunchbreaks, a great solution is to forge a relationship with a virtual assistant. VA’s are masters of flexibility and can offer services that provide a first point of contact to generating paperwork. This makes us perfectly placed to keep the boat afloat while you destress.


The benefits to scheduling times of rest and meditation will allow you to think more strategically. You may be able to identify process changes for your organisation, or consider branding issues with clarity.

Success is bred from productivity, not quantity of hours worked. By taking time out both daily and as vacations, you can become more focussed. Your time out need not mean that the business has to stop, though. Just talk to a VA to make sure you’re always covered by someone you trust.