Why You Should… embrace flexible working

Why You Should… … embrace flexible working

Why You Should… embrace flexible working

As a small business, how capable do you feel to embrace the flexible work ethic which has become increasingly popular across industry? Unless a role requires shift work, such as those in manufacturing, health or service, it is likely that you can offer flexible working to your staff. So what’s stopping you?


Implementing flexible working hours is likely to encourage increased productivity in your workforce. It is a fact that different times see different people at their most creative. Happier staff are likely to take a more positive approach to their work. So your flexible working policy can capture these things and the business will see the benefit.


By implementing a flexible working policy, your small business puts the mental wellbeing of staff first. And there’s no better perk that this! Parents are able to do the morning school run. Dog owners are able to walk their pets in the middle of the day. People can visit elderly relatives before evening. Your staff might be able to train for that triathlon they’ve always wanted to do. Staff turnover and illness is decreased as a result.


It’s a myth that all your systems will need to be overhauled to enable flexible working. The main thing that should be overhauled is simply trust in your staff. If they’re not in the office they can still be working! So consider a more relaxed attitude to office hours. Your staff can manage their own workload to ensure that they achieve their targets.


The ultimate in flexible support comes in the form of virtual assistance. Perhaps your business experiences periods of increased workload. When your structure is set up for flexible working, a virtual assistant is perfectly placed to come in temporarily and seamlessly ease the workload.


Or perhaps your small business needs administrative support but you do not have the budget for a permanent employee. Within your flexible working office structure, it is extremely straightforward to isolate certain tasks which can be allocated to a virtual assistant.

If you’re unsure how to pursue a flexible working approach, why not consult a virtual assistant? We’re experts in working flexibly. In addition we have experience in many different working environments. So we can guide you in structuring your administration in a way that works for your business.