Why you cannot neglect Health and Safety in the workplace


Why you cannot neglect Health and Safety in the workplace

Why you cannot neglect Health and Safety in the workplace

Sometimes it feels like there are too many health and safety requirements to handle. Pushing back your legally required cleaning schedule or missing one routine maintenance inspection for equipment might not seem that important at the time, but it can have serious consequences.

This month’s blog will demonstrate the real costs of neglecting your health and safety duties, which should motivate you to make health and safety a high priority in your business.

Cost of Poor Health and Safety

A poor health and safety culture can be disastrous for your business, clients, and employees, so it’s important to invest time and money to get it right.

  • Increased Risk of Ill Health, Injury, and Death

Your failure to install adequate health and safety procedures can result in serious injuries or fatalities. A work-related illness or injury can not only put an employee out of work for a while and impact their quality of life; it may also damage your business’s productivity, finances, and reputation – all of which can be difficult to recover from.

  • Loss of Reputation

A good reputation is a crucial part of a business’s success. It can bring you a greater volume of investors and clients, an improved community opinion of your business, and a larger number of individuals who will be eager to join your team. However, a poor health and safety culture will cost your reputation.

  • Legal Repercussions
  • Decrease in Productivity, Increase in Turnover

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to make your workplace a safe environment for your employees. If you neglect your legal responsibility, you may face high legal costs, hefty fines, and the possibility of a jail sentence.

If you fail to recognise the importance of health and safety, your business may face a decrease in productivity and an increase in staff turnover as morale falls. After all, why should staff be motivated to work hard if you don’t show that you value them enough to provide even the most basics of requirements? Everyone should feel safe when they go to work. If they don’t, chances are they’ll look elsewhere.

By respecting your health and safety responsibilities, you keep your staff motivated and retain good employees who can work productively and free of harm.

How Can Starfish First Aid Training Help?

For individuals and lone workers, we offer in-house or off-site training in First Aid at various levels of competency, for both individuals and small groups. These include full certificate training, refresher courses and First Aid for families. Training is fully flexible and can be undertaken as a single course or arranged to fit around your schedule.

Fully certified First Aid training

Top-up training for First-Aiders

Emergency First Aid only

Workplace training for Childcare

Family First-Aid

Our First Aid training includes advice on suitable equipment for your home or workplace, in accordance with HSC guidelines. We also offer after-care advice, should your training be used – as individuals often need support after such an event.

Contact us for more information and pricing.