Why Tradespeople Need Virtual Assistants

Why Tradespeople Need Virtual Assistants

When it comes to needing support, there is almost no business that couldn’t benefit from a VA. But there is one type of business that needs us the most – who see the most benefits, and some of whom can’t thrive without that little extra help. And that’s tradespeople. Because let’s be honest, you have a skill, and it’s not admin.

At Starfish Admin Services we love our tradespeople. We love being able to take on those time-consuming but very necessary admin tasks, leaving them time to take on more jobs, make more money, and spend more time with their family and friends. If you’re a tradesperson yourself, you might be on the fence about using a VA, so today I wanted to give you a couple of reasons why you should.

Save Time on Admin

This is the big one. Because admin takes up a lot of time for many business owners, but for the trades? It’s a whole new level. Dealing with invoicing, quotations, documentation for each project, managing ordering and even just making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time – it all takes up a lot of valuable time. Invoicing is an area a lot of our trades clients find some value – we can create invoice templates for you, so that when you finish a job, all you need to do is send us the details and we can create and send the invoice directly, saving you hours on each project. Once you start adding up how much time you spend on admin, you’ll start to realise just how much money and effort a VA could save you.

Communicate Well With Clients

Communication is key in business, especially with clients. Your customers will want to know what’s going on with their project, what stage they are at, if you need anything from them, and that you can answer any questions they have. Of course, if you’re on site, then this isn’t easy. A VA can handle all of your incoming calls for you, answering questions and fielding enquiries to the relevant people, so no opportunity is ever missed. We can also manage your inbox, answering emails and generally ensuring your customers are in the loop, while only the most important issues disturb your working time.

Be Present on Social Media

Let’s be honest, social media isn’t something a lot of tradespeople are great at. It’s something that takes time (and a little savvy for each platform), and you just don’t have that to dedicate when you need to be on site, working. But social media is full of people crying out for good tradespeople. Just go into any local Facebook group and you will see dozens of posts a day from people looking for a reliable plumber, electrician, or builder to fix this problem or do this job. So if you want to really grow your business, then you need to be on social media. A VA can do all of this for you – from setting up your page to posting updates and advertising in groups – we can make sure you’re present on social media and reaping the benefits.

We Know People

Of course, tradespeople also need support. VAs have a bit of a reputation for knowing a lot of people – since we work with all types of business, and usually attend a lot of networking events. This means that if you need something for your business (or your personal life), we can usually find it for you. Whether that’s an extra labourer to help out on a big project, a web developer to build you a shiny new website to attract clients, or a company to purchase van signage or safety equipment from. You don’t need to waste time scouring Google for a company that looks good – we can connect you with reputable business owners who do exactly what you need.

At Starfish Admin Services, we work with a lot of different trades across the board, supporting their business in the background so that they can focus on doing their jobs. We can help with all forms of admin tasks, helping improve your cash flow, free up your time and allows you to run your business more efficiently. If that all sounds good to you, then we need to have a chat! Just get in touch with us today for a free consultation.