Why Connecting with a VA will bring you all the Connections


Why Connecting with a VA will bring you all the Connections

Why Connecting with a VA will bring you all the Connections

A virtual assistant is person who provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. There are a host of things that virtual assistants can do, including:

  • Social media management
  • Event management
  • Managing calendars, appointments and emails
  • Email management
  • Mundane tasks like filing, photocopying, organising
  • Telephone call management
  • Preparing and sending out invoices, quotes and other financial areas
  • Preparing reports
  • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Simple digital marketing tasks

It’s a never ending list!

In fact (pardon the pun here) they can do virtually anything!

…But have you ever thought about the hidden things that us VA’s can bring to the table?

One of a VA’s greatest assets is their ability to Network.

  • VA’s notoriously are great at Networking – it’s in their interest to know as many people as possible that can help not only them by bringing potential business to them, but also help their clients and the needs that they have.
  • You won’t be your VA’s only client, meaning that you can tap into other areas that they are expert in, for example if you decide you’d like to get some brochures printed, or branch out into another areas then there is a good chance that they’ll know someone or at least be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel.Your VA knows Admin and to be honest probably can do a better job than you can when it comes to most admin tasks.They will therefore not only do a better job, but a quicker job and this ultimately transpired into saving you money.
  • VA’s know everyone! It’s often indispensable to have someone that has those connections
  • VA’s are also great at community/local networking so will be excellent at areas like shopping and buying locally, supporting local charities and just being aware of business community issues are all things that your VA can help you with.

If you would like to chat through how we at Starfish Admin Services can help you Network and tap into our resources, saving you time, money and regain control then call me on +44 (0) 7514 780 025 or book your free 15-minute consultation now.