Why Business Coaches Need A VA In Their Life

Let’s be honest here – running a business is tough. We all know that by now. But for business coaches, it can feel even tougher. You have a huge variety of clients to support in a very intense and hands-on way, and often this means you don’t have time for a lot of the ‘extras’ running a business requires.

You know, things like admin, research, event management, blog writing, presentation prep, webinar management, networking, prospecting. The list goes on – and frankly it’s no wonder that many business coaches work very, very long days. And here’s the kicker – a lot of you know you need help and support, but you often want to keep control of your business. And that’s OK, but it doesn’t mean you can’t ask for a little help every now and then.

To show you what we mean, here and just some of the things a VA could help you with in your coaching business, without you losing control of things, or your clients seeing any negative impact.

Event Support

Most coaches will hold events of some kind throughout the year (even if they are all online right now). Whether that’s small group coaching sessions or full day workshops, events will form a bit part of your calendar. But arranging one event is time consuming – so trying to tackle multiple events over the course of the year can seriously eat into your own productivity. A VA can help you here by:

  • Research and book venues
  • Liaise with venues about timings, presentation format, attendance numbers, food options, and logistics.
  • Help collate information for your presentation and format it for you.
  • Promote your events through social media.
  • Prepare marketing materials and other details for the day – such as workbooks and nametags.
  • Act as a host on the day for your attendees, leaving you free to network and focus on delivering the event.

Content Creation For Business Coaches

When was the last time you blogged? If you’re really honest with yourself? For many coaches, the answer is ‘not enough’, and often they only get to look at writing new articles it’s already past 6pm on a Friday. That’s because there are a lot of other things you need to do, and writing blogs takes time. But blogging is vital for business coaches, as it helps build your credibility, attract repeat new clients, boosts your SEO rankings, gives you a way to communicate with your clients, and gives new prospects a good impression of your business.

If you’re struggling with this, there are a couple of ways a VA can help. You can either hire one to do the research and legwork for your blog, so all you need to do is put it all together and write it. Or you can hire one to write it for you. Most VAs will either have some skill in copywriting, or work closely with a copywriter who can create content for you. If you do this, you will have a regular blog on your website and social media, with minimal (or no) effort from you.

Client Relationship Management

Coaches often have a lot of clients, but they have a deeply personal relationship with each one. They want all of their clients to feel valued, special and like they are your number 1 priority. But you don’t really have enough hours in the day to do that. A VA can take on some of your client relationship management and ensure you keep a consistent and positive relationship with your coaching customers. This could be simple things like making sure they get sent email newsletters that are relevant to them, to sending cards on their birthdays, gifts for special occasions like Christmas, or a particularly big win in their business. This might seem small, but it creates a very positive feeling in your clients, and makes them much more likely to recommend you to other business owners they know – helping your business grow.

And that’s only 3! In reality, a VA can help you elevate your coaching business and grow faster, without a lot of the growing pains other businesses see. We can free up your time to help you see more clients, while making them feel valued and keeping the business running in the background. From diary management, sending email campaigns, managing your travel to sorting your bookkeeping and managing your social media. We keep your business running efficiently in the background, so that you can focus on the big you enjoy – working with clients!

If you’re a coach and would like to talk about how hiring a VA could help with your business, just get in touch and book in a free, no obligation chat with us today.