Why a VA is a Great Idea for your Business

Why a VA is a Great Idea for your Business

Why a VA is a Great Idea for your Business

Why a VA is a great idea for your business

It’s a common opinion of a lot of Business Owners that they just don’t understand the value of outsourcing areas of their business and don’t understand the impact that having a Virtual Assistant will bring to the business.

When you sit down with them or even with just a FREE 15-minute chat, it’s clear that having someone there to help you will not only save you time and money but will also end up being an indispensable resource that your growing business can rely on.

But don’t just take my word for it: Let’s look at the FACTS.

It’s someone to give a different perspective on your business:When a VA comes on board, they not only take the pressure off the admin but they become someone to bounce ideas off

A VA willnot ‘take work’ from others, they are there to support every and any function in thebusiness

They cost less than a full time employee.

It is a lot cheaper than employing a secretary or Admin Assistant – you don’t have to pay their pension, holidays, you don’t have to pay someone full time

It will free up your time to do what you want – whether that be spending time relaxing with your friends and family whilst we take care of the boring jobs or whether that me making money for your business.

It will reduce your workload – as the founder of your business, do you really think your time is effective when you are doing the admin?Let go and delegate

You don’t have to pay people when you are not busy – A virtual assistant can work as many or as little hours as you need – you won’t be paying them to twiddle their thumbs during quieter periods

You can add extra areas of expertise to your business that you don’t know how to do yourself – don’t quite know how to post on social media, have no idea how to figure out auto enrolment for your pension schemes, shy talking and selling on the phone?Hand over the jobs you are not so hot on to those that know!Don’t waste your time on learning

You don’t have to find the space to put people – a VA will work from their own office in their own time, no heating, gas, electric or office rental costs

I hope that I have managed to convince you.If you would like to chat through how we at Starfish Admin Services can help you save time, money and regain control then Call me on +44 (0) 7514 780 025 or book your call here.

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