Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Trade Shows


Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Trade Shows

Surprisingly, trade expos are not always conceived by a dedicated event business. Instead they can be developed and sponsored by a business whose focus is on attracting exhibitors. They simply do not have the resources to undertake the minutiae of tasks that are required to run a successful event. For this trade show, in stepped Starfish Admin Services. Our involvement included event organisation prior to the event and managing the logistics of the event itself.

To make a business expo attractive, additional micro-events are vital. Businesses wish to attend, not only to network but to learn and expand their ideas. We appointed speakers and arranged seminars for this trade show, which in turn provided a well rounded and multi-streamed event.

As there are so many client levels at industry trade events; including visitors, exhibitors and sponsors, experience management is key. We maintained strong communication as part of our client management to ensure that all clients were supported. This in turn prevented unforeseen issues during the event itself and we are proud to have enabled a smooth running trade show.

On the day itself there is a huge requirement of direction on which Starfish Admin Services led. We took on HR capabilities to recruit staff, representatives, catering and hospitality. Acting as Duty Managers we coordinated the event on the day, efficiently dealing with any feedback or issues.

What about the physical aspects of a trade show? Part of the impact of these events is the coordinated and striking appearance of the space. We managed the setting up and breaking down of the space including speaker stages, break out areas and exhibitor displays. Our technical experience and knowledge was key in ensuring that no embarrassing technical failures occurred on the day.

At Starfish Admin Services, our experience in a wide variety of events enables us to take on the management of trade shows across multiple industries. Our efficient and thoughtful communication with our clients ensures that all aspects of an event work together to reflect a clear and vibrant brand.