Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Publishers

Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Publishers

Publishing on the small scale is often unrecognised as the busy hive of industry that it is. Seemingly dwarfed by publishing behemoths, many industries actually rely heavily on the documents produced by specialised houses. These boutique publishers can focus their expertise on specific fields such as medicine or education, playing a vital role in the development of the field.

Working with this educational publisher, our tasks focussed on supplying administrative support that allowed the business to fulfil their objectives. Starfish Admin Services offer expert knowledge and experience in a variety of IT packages, so we are able to take information from any existing system and re-format it for constructive use.

For a small, specialised organisation such as this, full time administrative support is often prohibitively expensive. Work flow can be unpredictable or cyclical which means that virtual administrative support is ideal to be accessed as and when required. This is both cost effective in the long term and offers the flexibility of skills to meet the demands of the organisation.

In this industry, information exists in a huge range of formats, from reports and white papers to lectures and seminars. From this point, we successfully combined transcribing from audio files and extracting information from existing documents. Taking details from these two formats, we brought together accurately typed documents which fulfilled the requirements of this client.

The education field, including examining bodies and learning trusts, require understanding of relevant data. This is scientific data rather than personal data and so must be represented in an analysable way. For this reason, much of our work for this client required identification of data and statistics and representing the information in an comprehensive format.

Documents in the publishing field must meet very exacting standards and we are proud at Starfish Admin Services to have the experience and knowledge to produce high quality written work. Whether collating papers or visually representing data, we possess the strong attention to detail that made our service perfect for this client.