Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Marketing & HR Companies

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Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Marketing & HR Companies

In a commercial environment when many organisations outsource their marketing and HR, what happens when it is these service providers who need help? Marketing and HR service companies typically find that their workflow is contract based and flexible. For this reason, these agencies need agile assistance – which is something that Starfish Admin Services regularly provide.

For outsourced service organisations, customer relationship management is key to ongoing business success. Consequently, CRM and financial book keeping systems must be set up with keen attention to detail in order to work effectively. In this way, the data entry process for an initial system set up can feel like an enormous job. At Starfish Admin Services we pride ourselves on our accuracy and so are the ideal choice to support an organisation in this initial process.

Assisting organisations in ongoing financial support means that those businesses can focus their resources on their core business activities. This in turn allows them to grow their business and ensure that the services that they provide to their clients are efficient. For this reason we find that organisations who employ us to set up initial systems subsequently work with us for ongoing support as the client base grows and develops.

As marketing, HR and other service based organisations work with multiple clients, it is key to their business that invoices are administered promptly and accurately. Starfish Admin Services undertake reconciliation of books, receipt and invoice administration and debt collection so that the cashflow of the organisation runs smoothly, allowing the business to thrive and grow.

In addition to administrative support, since our own scope covers elements of marketing and HR, we can offer the flexibility of skill to help marketing and HR organisations when they encounter a temporary dip in their own personnel. With such breadth of skill under our roof, we have found ourselves extremely useful for outsourcing organisations to have on hand.