Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Local Businesses Online

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Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Local Businesses Online

Establishing and maintaining an online presence is vital for local businesses. From party supplies to hairdressing, printing to construction, most prospective clients have come to expect their first point of contact to be online. Consumers often make decisions about a potential supplier based entirely on the appearance and information displayed on a professional website.

For these reasons it is clear why many businesses employ a professional website designer when setting up an initial online presence. However, a website can very quickly appear dated and obsolete. It is clearly very important to keep any changes of personnel or contact details updated, but website maintenance goes further than this. The key is in content. The best way to keep a professional website current and active is by maintaining a regular business blog.

Many business leaders or marketing mangers intend to do this, but it is something that quickly and often slips from the to-do list in favour of more direct client issues. At Starfish Admin Services, we provide regular, well informed blog content for a huge range of local businesses. We even upload and set out drafts at the back-end of a site so that all our clients have needed to do is hit publish!

Our blogs for businesses have reaped great benefits as part of SEO marketing activity. Using keywords, images and the right word count, this regular fresh content helps to move a local business up the Google search rankings. When a Google search is often a prospective customer’s primary tool for seeking out a supplier, this activity can very quickly result in increased sales enquiries.

Social Media is a similarly vital aspect of digital marketing activity. Well maintained social media channels help to raise the online profile of a business’ brand. At Starfish Admin Services, we understand this and act as the online social presence for many of our clients, sharing blogs and updating social media profiles regularly with relevant and engaging content.

By managing this aspect of marketing activity, we have helped a multitude of local businesses to present an active and positive brand, allowing the business to focus on pursuing and growing the sales leads that have been generated.