Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Event Projects


Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Event Projects

When you consider which is the single most quality that makes a great PA, you will most likely conclude that it is organisational skill. So who better to take on the organisation of a large scale event-based project than an experienced virtual PA? This seasonal temporary ice rink was in situ for just over a month and was entirely event managed by Starfish Admin Services.

The project role undertaken here stretched from logistical liaison prior to the event to the physical management of the venue for the duration of the activity. As an event conceived by a local council, our communication involved relationship management between this client and the commercial ice rink supplier. This covered occupations such as negotiation, invoicing, paperwork and diary management.

The duration of the event itself involved a very different skill set. With 14 staff required to run the ice rink, Starfish set up and managed the interviewing and employment process. Subsequently, we scheduled and oversaw these temporary staff for the duration of their employment. With a full range of HR skills in our toolbox, we were able to successfully source and manage the smooth running of the event.

But in this instance, Starfish weren’t just behind the scenes ensuring the smooth running of supply, logistics and paperwork. We’re not afraid to get stuck in, and with 24,480 visitors across the duration of the ice rink event, it was crucial to maintain high levels of customer experience. In this way, we undertook on-site duty management, customer service support and machinery operation.

For a large scale event, such as a seasonal ice rink, to run successfully a well coordinated team is vital. This is not only reflected in the profitability of the event, but also in customer satisfaction from the experience itself. Especially when the reputation of our client is at stake, at Starfish Admin Services we don’t hesitate to go the extra mille.

We understand the importance of organisational preparation and on-site problem solving. In this way, we were able to undertake the levels of service and commitment that you may not ordinarily expect from a virtual PA. We’re here to break the mould!