Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Charities

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Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Charities

Often combating ongoing challenges to balance finances, communication and administration, charities both large and small can benefit from administrative assistance. Because of their reliance on profile, charities can be deceiving. It can be that an organisation appears large from a national profile but is in fact small in paid staff numbers.

For this charity, a lot of ongoing work was undertaken by volunteers. Indeed for most charities, volunteers allow an organisation to maintain a national presence without a national budget. Volunteer training is therefore an important part of a charity’s performance. At Starfish Admin Services we are experienced in sourcing, organising and implementing training, giving this charity the best possible deal.

As part of volunteer coordination, we were able to implement efficient and effective communication streams both internally and externally. In this case between 36 teams, including voluntary workers. We provided telephone answering and email response services so that the charity was able to maintain a responsive presence without a full time staff budget.

Smaller charities can often struggle to budget for a permanent full time administrative staff member. However, ironically they have arguably the most to gain from investing in professional administration. At a time when legal requirements on data management have become more stringent through GDPR policy, expertise is invaluable. So charities of any size can financially benefit from consulting an administrative professional. Our work and feedback allowed this charity to ultimately direct more effort into the practical work that the charity were conceived to implement in the first place.

Within management infrastructure, this charity were able to benefit from our expertise in accounting, logistic organisation and communication. Starfish monitored accounts and procedure and booked accommodation and venues among other office management tasks. These are key elements to streamlined administration and by outsourcing them to Starfish Admin Services, this charity could run more effectively without overspending.

So whether a charity is large or small, or even somewhere in between, administrative support has very real and very positive implications. The pressures on charitable organisations are significant. It is imperative that all data is compliant, finances are clearly accounted for and volunteers well supported. For this reason, the part time and contractual basis that remote admin services provide are an ideal solution.