Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Business Networker

The Power of Local Networking

Who Needs a PA, Anyway? Business Networker

As a local business, networking is key. Seeking associates and collaborators, sharing knowledge and building B2B contacts and clients are all achieved through business networking. In this way, networking events, activities and forums are an ever growing service.

For this Business Networker, we administrated both event management and back room tasks. Both of which were vital in the ongoing delivery and success of the business model.Starfish Admin Services understand the importance of the range of administration that is required to maintain a successful business and are diverse enough to offer the range of skills to make this possible.

Events for this Business Networker have ranged from large scale conferences and seminars to focussed one-to-one liaison and mentoring schemes. All of these activities require diary management and booking processes, a service that we at Starfish Admin Services are practiced in providing. In this way, we have ensured that the process has remained efficient and effective.

Booking systems for large events are essentially a sales process, which we undertook from lead generation to follow up phone calls to registering and book-keeping. This aspect of a networking business is substantial and time consuming, so it is an ideal aspect to outsource. As we proactively maintain communication streams when we take on outsourced services such as these, any information that could impact the business was fed back.

Networking, by its nature, involves considerable travel. Whether as part of event planning, event attendance or relationship management, our skills and efficiency allowed this Business Networker to benefit from streamlined and well planned travel. For individual meetings or travel between events, we researched travel options and booked tickets on behalf of our client.

As an administration service provider, we understand more than most how important proactive and communicative service is. This makes us the ideal collaborator for other service providers, such as Business Networkers, to allow them the time and freedom to deliver their own service flawlessly.