VAs for Property Developers – Is It Worth It?


That should really be the end of the discussion, but I know you want more information than that.

As property developers, have you ever found yourself struggling to maintain a consistent level of productivity? To keep working efficiently, because you’re spending a lot of time with your general management, doing admin or other tasks that are, quite frankly, better suited for a personal assistant? Yeah, we thought so. We see this kind of thing a lot – overworked property developers who need to claw back some of their time, so that they can dedicate it to growing and developing their business. Just a few of the things a VA can help a property developers with include:

General Management

The general, day to day running of a property developer can be exhausting. Coordination with tenants, contractors and insurance companies can be incredibly time consuming – especially when your time should be better spent overseeing operations and, more importantly, selling. A virtual assistant can manage the basics for you. By using a few VA tricks, like setting up templates, managing your inbox, responding to basic queries and flagging important messages for you to handle when you have the time. You’re essentially delegating all of those niggly little tasks you don’t really enjoy doing to someone who does, and freeing up your own time.

Research for Property Developers

Property developers need to be in the know about trends in the industry, what your competitors are up to, and any tips they can use to capitalise on securing buyers or tenants for your properties. Good research is at the heart of this. But research is time consuming, not to mention a pretty specialist skill in itself. But having someone on hand to do your research for you means you get all the benefits (like being one step ahead of the competition), without having to sacrifice any of your own time to get them.

Manage Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork that accumulates around property development. But there is nothing more time-consuming than going through contracts and legal documents, filing things away in the right places, ensuring documents are filled in correctly and then get to the right places. On top of that, you have any paperwork from tenancies, land registration, auctions, planning permission, and documentation from contractors to deal with. These are often urgent and critical documents, but they are also tiring and irritating, and can waste a lot of energy for you. A VA can help you source and complete any documentation you need, giving you complete confidence that everything is in order behind you.

Scheduling Meetings & Viewings

Property developers are not just property professionals – you’re also salesmen – which means your energy should be dedicated to just that as much as possible. Your virtual assistant can help you schedule meetings and viewings so that all you have to do is pitch up and sell. Furthermore, they can help you to maintain a work-life balance by scheduling these events so they don’t clash with your personal or family life. Your virtual PA’s are experts in everything digital, so updating your calendar with all of the essentials is something they can do with their eyes closed.

Finance Admin for Property Developers

When you’re investing in property and trying to sell it for a profit, your finances need to be handled properly. Managing finances on your own is a time consuming and repetitive task, and has been shown to decrease productivity if you’re not a numbers person. But financial administration can easily be done by a VA instead. They can help you with everything from bookkeeping to expense data capture, reporting and more. So you can rest easy knowing your finances are in safe hands.

At Starfish Admin Services, we love working with tired property developers just like you. We can take on all of those niggly admin tasks – big and small – and give you back the gift of time. With our help, you can be more productive, efficient and relaxed in your approach to work. If you would like to know more about our services for property developers, please just get in touch today.