Using a Virtual Assistant and Why It’s Such a Great Idea!


Using a Virtual Assistant and Why It’s Such a Great Idea!

This month we’ve taken on a few new clients and it’s really interesting how similar many of my client’s story begins. Let me try and paint you a picture:

A business owner will often start with an introductory phone call with me: They have simply reached breaking point with the amount of juggling they do. Whether they be a busy tradesman who works long hours, doing manual, physical work throughout the day and then has the task of following up with quotes, invoicing and admin in the evenings. Or perhaps it’s a busy mum, who works around her children and must be mum and a business owner.

Whoever it is, these people I speak to need help and when I chat to them, their initial concerns are always that we are going to be hugely expensive, need a lot of information and assistance from them to get started and perhaps they are worried that my company will just be another thing to add to their list.

Once my initial consultation with them is over, they often leave feeling pleasantly surprised. Starfish Admin Services can get going immediately, we are extremely cost effective as there are no overheads to pay us, no sick leave, holiday or extra equipment needed. Not to mention that we will most likely be able to do the job quicker and more efficient than others as this is our area of expertise!

If that person on the other end of the phone worked out the number of hours per week that they took doing admin tasks and then worked out how much per hour of their time and money it costs them – the savings they would make by using a Virtual Assistant will be in the hundreds, if not thousands!

Time and money saved, and invested instead in their own business, doing what they are good at!

This common situation is so damaging to your chance of long-term business success.

It is simple logic but one that a lot of people do not see until it is broken down simply. Doing your own admin will cost you money, drain your energy and resources and distract you from doing what you are good at, the very thing you set your company up for in the first place and what will enable that business to grow.

Starfish Admin Services can help you focus on what really matters. Growing your business. Your admin will be completed quickly and efficiently by a member of our fully-training team.

Get your time, sanity and peace of mind back and focus on results, rather than paperwork.

So, go on, make that first phone call to me. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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