Tips and Tricks to Stay on Top of Your Business’s Admin


Tips and Tricks to Stay on Top of Your Business’s Admin

Tips and Tricks to Stay on Top of Your Business’s Admin

Effectively handling your business’s admin can make a big difference in helping your business run more smoothly day-to-day. It can give you a clearer image of how well your business is doing, for example, and help you get a better handle on your finances.

Therefore, taking time out of the week to handle business admin can be so important. However, small business owners and managers do have to handle a wide range of business issues in any one day. You might not have as much time as you’d like to get a handle on it all.April’s Blog post gives you some tips and advice on how you can stay on top of your business admin.

Get into a routine

It can be easy for your admin to get ahead of you, and it might begin to feel a little overwhelming as it begins to stack up.

This could especially be the case if you experience a sudden and unexpected rush of business during a normally quiet week. By necessity, you’ll be more focussed on handling the rush than handling essential business admin.

To stop your admin building up like this, you should set out specific times throughout the week that you devote entirely to administration work. Perhaps set out an hour or so every two to three days to work on your admin.

Even if it’s tempting to focus on other business issues instead, try to resist that temptation. The work you put into handling admin should make it easier to manage in the long run. It could also be useful to break larger tasks up into bite-sized chunks to make them more manageable.

By sticking to this kind of routine, it can really help you keep on top of everything. Even if you can’t clear up every last piece of admin, it should be easier to clear up a backlog once you do get more time spare.

Plan Ahead

Knowing what is coming up and how long each task will take will relieve a huge amount of pressure and provide you with the time and resource to manage each task.

You’ll have some tasks you must do daily, weekly, monthly and annually and if these are scheduled and managed it will free up your time to work on the other areas of your business and of course to manage the unscheduled tasks that will, undoubtably crop up too.

Keep thorough records

Managing your business’s administration can be made easier if you have effective organisational practices in place. Think of ways that you can categorise and break up all your admin responsibilities so that it’s easier to manage.

It works especially well with budgeting and finance so that you know what you are spending and can analyse this in a detailed way.

You could use different coloured folders for specific types of admin, which will help keep things logically organised. For example, you could have one folder for customer invoices, one for business-related expenses, and another for customer-related contact. It can also help keep your office free from clutter, helping to give you a better, more structured environment to work in.

You could also consider using bookkeeping/ money management software. This can give you a convenient alternative option to work on your business admin. It also lets you keep digital copies of all your files, which you can back up, like on the cloud, adding an extra element of protection and safety.

Know your Deadlines

Make sure you keep track of when things are due and how you go about organising them.Fixed dates such as Tax Returns, End of Year Accounts, Servicing and MOT’s on any company cars etc, knowing when they are due and planning to schedule time to get them sorted will help you manage these

Make use of Outsourcing

Your admin can sometimes get out of hand, even if you’re trying to make time and do your best to handle it. You might have to suddenly deal with a business emergency that takes all your time and effort to put right. You might experience a sudden and extended rush of business which you should focus on instead of your administration work.

When situations like these happen, admin can slowly start to build up again, and it can start to feel like there’s too much to start tackling.

If you start to feel like you don’t have the time or capacity to devote to your business administration, dedicated bookkeeping services could be something to consider. This means a team of experts handle everything for you and let you focus more on other key areas of your business.

You can outsource your finances, HR and of course your Admin.Here at Starfish we can help you with all of this too.

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