The Value of Asking for Help

The Value of Asking for Help

Business owners are, by and large, ambitious, independent, determined and optimistic people. And most of the time these qualities serve them well, and are the driving force behind their success. But sometimes these amazing characteristics can actually hold a small business back, especially when problems crop up – because business owners don’t always want to ask for help, even when they need it.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, it’s pretty common in the business world. There’s a weird pressure to be self-sufficient, and an impression that asking for help is somehow a weakness. But at Starfish Admin, we believe asking for help is actually a strength. There’s much more value in asking for support, and being open to giving support when needed as well. If you’re not sure, then we have a few reasons you should try it, and see how much stronger your business could be.

Ranges of Skills

Not everyone can know everything. That’s a pretty universal truth. So why, as business owners, do we feel like we need to be able to do everything ourselves, and know all the answers all the time? It’s just daft. If you find your business is lacking a skill, or you’re struggling with a problem you don’t have a lot of knowledge about, then asking someone who does have those skills could be a real benefit to you. It means you can access the right expertise, and solve the problem properly. This saves you and your business time and money, and gives your customers confidence that they can trust you. Really, asking for help from an expert is no different than asking an accountant to file your tax returns.

Different Perspectives

Struggling with a problem you can’t solve? Sometimes it just takes a different perspective. Even beyond your immediate need to solve a specific problem, listening to how others approach their business or even their lives can flick a switch in your own thinking. This can lead to a breakthrough insight into something you might not have even been considering. The value of differing perspectives in business is well known, which is why employers focus on hiring a range of employees from different background and skillsets. But who says those different perspectives have to come from within your own business, or even your own industry? Collaborating with other business owners is a great way to get new perspectives on the way you do things or problems your facing, and get the best outcome for them.

Grow Your Network

As a general rule, the wider your business network, the more opportunities for growth you will have. When you ask people in your professional network for advice or help with your business, you’re actually strengthening and growing your network. You’re either interacting with new people, or you’re strengthening existing relationships. And that’s a two-way street – the person you ask for advice might come to you in the future and as you to share your expertise on a topic they aren’t as experienced on. This is a great confidence boost for everyone involved, and shows how much you care about your business and doing things right – which all adds to the ‘like, know, trust’ that leads to more growth.

And on that note – if you are ever struggling and need some support or advice, whether it’s on admin specifically or business in general, we are always here for you. Our consultations and cups of coffee are free, and we’re always happy to help a business owner who isn’t sure what to do next. And even if it’s something we don’t have experience in, we probably know someone who does, so if you need help, please feel free to reach out. And don’t forget, we do admin stuff too!