The Power of Local Networking

The Power of Local Networking

The Power of Local Networking

I recently attended the Fleet Business Show, which was not only a wonderful opportunity to connect with a range of other business and services whilst promoting my own. It was also a great networking opportunity to chat to other local companies and tap into a group of other entrepreneurs, business coaches, customers and many more.

I’ve always shouted about the power of Networking, it a passion of mine, but the show reinforced to me the power of networking locally and within your community. Meeting other people that are also actively involved in the area, learning about what they do, investigating ways that we can work together and ultimately forging strong links for the future.

Fleet and the surrounding areas have always been a strong, tight knit community, both in business and with its community spirit. It’s very empowering to see a community rally round a family that is going through tough times, or championing businesses that they would recommend. I love living here and starting and running my own business has, if anything, made me love it even more!

I wanted to spend a little bit more time within this blog looking at the power that investing in your local area can give you.

Human Contact

In today’s modern world, people can do business with anyone they like, as far away as you like, so some may argue that there is no need to network locally when you can simply have a Skype Call or a Google Hangout day or night. I would have to disagree. There is such value at having people literally at your fingertips who you can talk to face-to-face and not via a phone or computer screen. Ultimately humans buy from humans and the physical presence that a local company can bring should not be underestimated.


Local communities are also often really diverse, you’ll meet people and businesses that you would never had heard of had they not been on your doorstep. The amount of people that I know through my local network far outweighs the ones that I have found online. By meeting different and diverse people you can see the world through their eyes and this only brings strength to yourself and your company.

Overcoming barriers

Meeting people face-to-face builds confidence: In yourself, your business and what you can do to help others. I now love getting out there and telling people how much money I can save them! It’s very empowering and I’ve only learnt to have the confidence in myself through networking and getting to know people in my local area. I now feel like I can make a difference commercially and personally to my community and this is very motivating in all areas of my life.

Keep going

The pay-back that local network brings you can be substantial but be patient, it takes time and devotion. You’ll need to keep going to the networking groups, keep talking to people and stay active in the community for the rewards to come. Once you start to get into the groove with it, the results can be fantastic.

Are you local to the area or perhaps you’d like some help starting to network where you live? Starfish Admin Services would be delighted to help you and your business get off the ground. Please do visit our website or contact us directly on +44 7514780025.