The Final Farewell

The Final Farewell

The Final Farewell

The Final Farewell

I am back home now after one of the most amazing weeks of my career. (and looks like I brought the sun home with me to sunny Hampshire!) A big thank you to Assemblr and AMResorts for arranging for myself and eight other PA’s to travel to the Dominican Republic via British Airways.

Our brief was simple, to experience all that British Airways has to offer and from there, soak up all the beautiful island with a view of what could be arranged for their Directors on their return

In this blog, I want to talk a little about the Dominican Republic, the culture, sights and sounds to try and give you a little taste of what we experienced.

The Island of the Dominican Republic is the most visited tourist destination in the Caribbean, it occupies the eastern side of Hispaniola. It really is a haven of experiences, activities, things to do and see and all whilst the hot sun beams down on you. You could easily have a relaxing holiday simply relaxing on a sun-bed under a palm tree, reading a delightful book, or if you are the adventurous sort there is an abundance of water sports, mountain biking, fishing and so many thrill seeking activities and nightlife. It really is suited to every kind of personality so you really cannot go wrong visiting this beautiful place.


There is actually a lot more to the Island that means the eye. The land was the setting for the intrepid explorer Christopher Columbus’s first colony and the events that took place during this time did much to define America as we know it. There are examples on the island of this period architecture. The people of the Dominican Republic are very proud of this. They also take immense pride in their sophisticated music in the form of the merengue and more recently the bachata, and also in their homegrown baseball players who feature very heavily in the North American leagues

Family Values

Family and hospitality also play a huge part in the culture of the island and this was indeed apparent with all the places we visited. Every single person we encountered was absolutely lovely. They were not only helpful and friendly but they went that extra mile to make us feel at home and special.


You really cannot go wrong with the weather on this Island, the facts speak for themselves with an average temperature of 27 (°C) throughout the year, it’s always swimsuit weather in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy the highest temperatures at the peak of the summer, from June to October. But be prepared for more chance of tropical rain at this time. If you prefer cooler weather, book your trip for winter or early spring, when humidity is lower and temperatures hover between 25 and 27.

Getting Around

Car hire is a good option if you’re planning a lot of day trips, giving you the freedom to come and go as you like. The coastal roads make for wonderful drives, and driving makes resort-hopping a lot easier. Hire car companies are available at the airport. There are taxi ranks easily available at hotels and airports if you are not planning on leaving your resort every day. There is also a regular bus service between beaches and nearby resorts.

National Events

There are a few notable events that occur in the Dominican Republic on an annual basis, perhaps the most famous is the Festival of the Bulls which takes place in August, witness a procession weaving through the streets following the cowboys herding cattle, the atmosphere is electric! Their legendary carnival in February is also something to behold! Huge parades, incredible costumes and lots and lots of dancing!

I hope this has whet your appetite and given you a little taster or what could be on offer to you if you chose this incredible island for your next business or leisure holiday. I must say that the Island and the inhabitants have truly touched my heart and I have brought back some beautiful memories of my time there. I cannot wait to return, perhaps with my family for pleasure next time!