Looking after yourself as a Lone Worker

Looking after yourself as a Lone Worker

Looking after yourself as a Lone Worker

It’s often difficult working by yourself.It can be lonely, you have no-one to bounce ideas off, or talk to them about your weekend, but perhaps what’s more worrying is if you get hurt whilst by yourself at work – would you know how to manage this without anyone there to help?

From minor injuries like a twisted ankle, burn or sprain, to something more serious, if you are a lone worker, not only is it a very sensible thing to know how to handle these issues, but did you know that it’s also essential according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines?

Should the worst happen, the cost to a business can be devastating – both in terms of financial compensation and damage to reputation. Failing to have competent First-Aider in a place of work can also mean your insurance policy is invalid.

It will often be safe to work alone. However, the law requires employers to think about and deal with any health and safety risks before people can do so.

Things you could consider to help ensure lone workers are not put at risk include:

  • assessing areas of risk including violence, manual handling, the medical suitability of the individual to work alone and whether the workplace itself presents a risk to them
  • requirements for training, levels of experience and how best to monitor and supervise them
  • making sure you know what is happening, including having systems in place to keep in touch with them

How Can Starfish First Aid Training Help?

For individuals and lone workers, we offer in-house or off-site training in First Aid at various levels of competency, for both individuals and small groups. These include full certificate training, refresher courses and First Aid for families. Training is fully flexible and can be undertaken as a single course or arranged to fit around your schedule.

Fully certified First Aid training

Top-up training for First-Aiders

Emergency First Aid only

Workplace training for Childcare

Family First-Aid

Our First Aid training includes advice on suitable equipment for your home or workplace, in accordance with HSC guidelines. We also offer after-care advice, should your training be used – as individuals often need support after such an event.

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