Life is a Roller Coaster

Life is a Roller Coaster

The Rollercoaster: It’s the perfect analogy for starting up your own business.  For me business is rarely ever all good or all bad. Business is usually filled with a lot of highs and lows. It rarely stays in the equilibrium of everything being all sunshine and roses.

The most powerful thing for me in the infancy of Starfish Admin Services was that you learnt who you truly are and test yourself to the limits

There are a lot of things that happen in business. One day you could land a big client, and you’re so excited, and the next day the big client could make unrealistic demands, or perhaps even fire you. One day you could hire a dream team member, and the next day, that same person could turns into a nightmare. And the thing that you thought was a sure deal today could end up evaporating tomorrow. It goes both ways. The big thing you were worried about turned out to be nothing, and you found a solution to the problem that seemed impossible.

These types of highs and lows are just business. Business is rarely in the middle.

So here are five ways that I have learned over the years on how to deal with being on that rollercoaster.

  1. Stay focussed on the end goal

Entrepreneurship is a long-term game where results don’t rush to show up, and it has no place for impatience.

There will be days when you question why you are doing this. There will be days where you’ve just worked for 14 plus hours straight and wonder, “Why?”

The rewards aren’t here yet, you’re tired, and you’re missing out on important time with your family or friends.

You need to find your higher purpose—that which always drives you  and makes you become incredibly self-motivated. You work harder and better because you have a reason for why you are doing what you are doing.

  • Celebrate the highs – you will definite feel the lows of business so ensure that you take the time to celebrate when things go well.  Enjoy the feeling but ensure that number 3 happens too!
  • Return to normal quickly: a lot of times people stay in their highs or the lows for too long. For instance, someone starts a business, has a big grand opening party, and then they keep partying for two months. Two months later, their party stops because they go out of business. They were too excited about the fact that they opened a business and stayed on that high for too long.  The other side is that when something goes wrong, entrepreneurs go into a depression and stay in the depression for too long.  The key is balance, learn to experience the emotions but get back to ‘normal’ quickly in order to continue to move forward successfully.
  • Engage with friends and family – being an entrepreneur is one of the loneliest jobs on the planet, make sure you keep in contact with your friends, talk to your family and don’t neglect you! They are what will keep you sane in the long run.
  • Keep a level head with confidence – Making decisions helps, too. If you shy away from making decisions, we can assure you that you won’t grow in confidence. The more decisions you make, the more decisions you get right. And then you start to think, “Hey, maybe I can do this — maybe I am good enough.”   Don’t get carried away and by following these steps this can be achieved.

All in all, starting up your own business and entrepreneurship certainly isn’t for everyone. The good news is that if you are willing to look for solutions understand all lows have an upswing; entrepreneurship can lead to a life you’ve dreamt of.

Here at Starfish, we can help you focus on the important things when starting up your business.  Perhaps you just need a little help with the admin so that you can focus on your business, allowing you to do what you are best at.

Simply contact us for a no obligation chat and we can take it from there!