Laying your cards on the table

Laying your cards on the table

Laying your cards on the table

I always dreamed since I was little of starting my own business, being my own boss and getting things done whilst helping people, it was one of the main reasons I worked in the NHS, to care and help those in need. My strengths have always been that I’m super organised and I love that. I am a driven person, hugely ambitious and I have never purposely let anything get in the way of that…

… except when it does get in the way, and it does, through no fault of my own but because of who I am, the same person that makes me all the things I’ve just explained earlier also makes me a person that often needs to have a rest during the day, one that needs to manage the chronic pain in my joints and sadly has to attend numerous medical appointments.

But as much as I cannot and would not want to change the fact that I’m a great business women, running a successful company helping organisations with their admin work. Conversely, I cannot change the fact that I need to see specialists and medical people and look after myself in a slightly different way than most would.

When you make the decision to start a business, you lay your life bare for all to see, you invest every little bit of you into it and that determination to succeed runs through your veins. I have loved seeing my little business grown into a thriving company but it has left me open; open for judgement and questions about me, about my past and what I did before and want to do in the future, and this makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Does this matter? Surely being great at what I do now, in the present, is the key to me being successful?

Luckily, being such a determined person, means that I can look past the challenges that I have making things slightly harder, they only make me push myself more, working late at night to ensure that I’m doing the best for my clients and best for me too.

My ambitions for the future are great. I’d love to be able to have a big team of people all working hard like me, striving for success and its then that I’ll allow myself a little more time to be hands-off – although I’m not sure the entrepreneur in me could totally step back! Like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs, I’ll still be the face of Starfish Admin Services and it will still be me with the strategy and vision for its future.

In conclusion, I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, I have my challenges and difficulties, but who show me someone that doesn’t? I will never let this hold me back.

So, my final plea to you when meeting someone for the first time, is to look at who they are in that moment; the phrase is cliché but totally true; never judge a book by its cover – there is so much more inside and its often simply marvellous.