It’s About Time: 5 Ways A Virtual Assistant Will Transform Your Business

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It’s About Time: 5 Ways A Virtual Assistant Will Transform Your Business

As you stare, overwhelmed, at your computer screen the smug, oft-quoted meme dances before your eyes:

It’s not about having time; it’s about MAKING time.

You want to take an axe to the screen. You have receipts flowing across your desk, a diary full of clashes, debtors who are avoiding your calls and you have to get to Winchester for Thursday’s lunch meeting (for which you think you agreed to book a table, if only you could find the email)…

How on earth are you supposed to “make” time out of all of that lot?

For many of us things aren’t quite so bad. However there are five very precise ways in which a virtual assistant, or VA, can streamline any business.

Marketing Your Business

When the responsibility for marketing falls to the business leader it can be something that slips, but a VA can provide specific services.


Supplying fresh content to your website is a key objective for successful SEO marketing. A VA can supply this content quickly and accurately, without the need for you to burn the midnight oil.

Social Media

Potential customers notice your Facebook response times and awareness is maintained by regular and relevant updates on Twitter. These short tasks can soon become unmanageable, but for a VA it’s all part of the service.

Email Campaigns

You can outsource an entire email marketing campaign to a VA, from writing the copy to managing the database to undertaking the MailChimp campaign.

Growing Your Business

Positive business development doesn’t end with marketing. Your VA can transform marketing into tangible business growth by enabling you to optimise the leads that have been generated.

Email Response

A virtual assistant will respond to enquiries promptly, logging them for follow up. This ensures that you don’t miss any new business opportunities.

Diary Management

By outsourcing your calendar to a VA, your meetings and pitches become more organised leaving you to focus on the pitch content itself.


From booking train or plane tickets to researching and organising hotel or dinner meeting plans, all you need to do is win the contract!

Maintaining Your Reputation

Once you’ve optimised your marketing and your business is growing it is imperative to manage your clients with care and attention.

Email Management

By using a VA to manage your incoming email, your correspondence can be filtered and prioritised, ensuring that you never miss a vital message again.


Any official papers or contracts that are issued must be flawless. If you’ve been poring over a document for days, you may overlook basic errors. Your VA works with the attention to detail that makes a difference.

Taking a Strategic Overview

As your organisation grows, you need to gain the perspective to review your business direction. Outsourcing operational tasks allows you the clarity to think strategically.


Issuing and chasing invoices is time consuming. Your VA will not only manage your invoice process, but can streamline it too.


Perhaps you need to take on staff. Your VA can undertake HR duties from advertising a role to coordinating interviews.

Achieving a Life Balance

This is the big one! With your business running smoothly and your growth being managed, you can leave on time to get to the gym or have dinner with your kids.


Categorising and logging receipts is another time consuming task often undertaken out of hours. Pass the task to a VA and all that time is yours again!


Your VA will have a wealth of experience with different softwares, so you save on training costs as well as the time of the task itself.

In these five ways, outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant will transform not only your business, but your outlook as well. Your VA is the key to “making” the time you need to assess your business and to de-stress your life. You will never want to destroy your computer screen again!