How your VA can save you money by doing your Admin for you.


How your VA can save you money by doing your Admin for you.

How your VA can save you money by doing your Admin for you.

One of the most frequent things that I hear when out and about at my many networking events is that hiring a virtual assistant is just too expensive.

I quite often simply bite my tongue and say nothing but enough is enough and the truth needs to be told.

Imagine the hours that you would have free if you did not need to do your own Admin.Imagine how many more clients you could talk to, how many more meetings you could attend, or jobs and sales you could do making you money?

But don’t just take my word for it…

In early 2016, the MD of a Management Consultancy told me she was struggling with a relentless workload.Finding new clients, delivering work to existing customers and ploughing through endless emails, reports and administration. Her to-do list was overwhelming, leaving her almost no time to do what she set up her company to do in the first place.

Sound familiar?

The time that it takes you to do your admin work is often the very time that you should be spending on doing what you are good at, making money for your company – not the boring admin.

This common situation is so damaging to your chance of long-term business success.

In the case of the MD above, we worked out that she was spending around two hours every day on her admin that would never help her bring in new customers and make money.She was effectively paying herself over £25+ a year to do her own admin.

We worked out that if she paid Starfish to do these two hours a day instead of doing it herself it would cost her £4,500 a year.An instant saving of over £20K.

This isn’t even considering that we are the experts in admin and are able to do the jobs faster, quicker and, quite frankly better too!

Even better, with the extra two hours of sales work she gained each day, she found herself an extra customer every month, and that customer paid her!

It is simple logic but one that a lot of people do not see until it is broken down simply. Doing your own admin will cost you money, drain your energy and resources and distract you from doing what you are good at, the very thing you set your company up for in the first place and what will enable that business to grow.

Starfish can help you focus on what really matters.Growing your business.Your admin will be completed quickly and efficiently by a member of our fully-training team.

Get your time, sanity and peace of mind back and focus on results, rather than paperwork.

If you would like to chat through how Starfish can help you then I would be delighted to talk through your options. Call me on +44 (0) 7514 780 025 or book your call here.

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