Give Yourself a Festive Break

Let’s not beat around the bush – this year has been HARD. There have been a lot of obstacles thrown at us, and small business owners in particular have been left to feel like they’re in a storm without a lifeboat. So as the year draws to an end, all any of us want to do is walk away from it all, and enjoy some mulled wine, mince pies, and doing exactly nothing for a good long while.

But we’re business owners, which means we feel compelled to stay in the business. We feel that itch to stay connected, to make sure everything is still in one piece, even though everyone else is taking time off as well. But rest and recuperation time is important, and we need it to combat the burnout of 2020. So, here’s a few tips from us on how to give yourself a break, and be OK stepping away from the business for a week or two.

Be Clear With Your Priorities

First off, sit down with yourself and work out what your priorities are for the festive season. What’s important to you, and what’s going to make you happy? How will working fit into that, and what changes do you need to make to make that a reality? Then look at your to-do list, and put it in priority order. Try to gauge how important or urgent each task is. Does it need to be done before you set the out of office? Or can it wait until you get back in after Christmas? Often a lot of things can wait until you’re back at work full-time, and this can take a lot of pressure off, and stop that mad rush to get everything done on Christmas Eve.

Keep People Informed of Your Festive Hours

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s highly likely that your hours will change during the festive season, and you’ll have a few days when you’re completely closed as well. Think early on about how you can best communicate this with your customers and suppliers, so that everyone understands what will be going on from the get-go. You need to let your customers know if you are open at all during the Christmas period, and when you will be back at the office full time. You should also send out an email to clients just before you leave for the year, letting them know that you will only be responding to very urgent requests (if you will be – you don’t have to), or when you will be back at work and ready to help them again. Set your expectations clearly, and you’ll find people will wait until you’re back.

Tactically Shut Down Some Channels

Social media is something that’s always on our minds, mainly because it’s always pinging away on our phones. And the last thing you want on Christmas Day is to be constantly interrupted by messages, mentions and other notifications. So before you go on break, try to strategically shut down some of your channels to avoid this. So edit the settings on your phone so that you don’t get any email notifications through over the Christmas period, and turn off the social media notifications for your business channels for a while. If you think this will make you anxious, then you can always give yourself a window each day to ‘check in’ and make sure everything is ok. But then, make sure you give yourself the rest of the day to be free from distractions.

Remember – It’s Your Holiday Too

And most importantly, remember that you are allowed to take time off! Christmas is a time when everyone deserves the chance to decompress. So try to enjoy the downtime. Once you’ve sorted your customers, suppliers ad team members, its time to turn the focus on yourself. Christmas only comes around once a year, and the daily grind will start up again soon enough. So while everyone else is relaxing, enjoy your own hard-earned time off, and do some things that really make you happy.

And that’s it from us this year! From the team at Starfish Admin, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring us, and we’re ready to help you make it the best year yet. But for now, we’re off to drink some mulled wine on the sofa with our favourite Christmas movies – and we suggest you do too!