Getting Around To It: Business Admin hacks from the front line Updating Social Media

Why You Should.. … Update Social Media

Getting Around To It: Business Admin hacks from the front line Updating Social Media

Social media is such a vital tool for the modern small business. Your audience reach can be extended and developed. Why is it, then, that regular updates to these platforms often slip and descend into neglect? Social media works through engagement. And engagement only happens through the necessary building of an audience. This takes planning and time which is often the root of why small businesses drift away from this valuable resource. So how do you find the time?


Try to dedicate part of a working day to draft and schedule all of your social media updates for the week. Base your weekly content on an overall plan. This should cover the aspects of your business that you wish to promote, events that are relevant and news stories that you wish to share.


Response times are key for platforms like Facebook and Twitter. So either you or a representative should have an ongoing awareness of activity on your corporate social media accounts. Respond promptly to any comments on your posts. React to posts which have tagged your business, especially if they are feedback of any kind. Impose strict time limits, though – check accounts for a limited time per day to avoid getting distracted from other aspects of your business.


When a picture paints a thousand words, using images can be a great time saver when it comes to social media. Visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram rely on aesthetics to heighten engagement. You don’t have to go on a photography course – simple, clear images are enough. As far as engagement goes, it’s all about the hashtag. So getting this right will up your corporate exposure.

Outsource it

Even with the best of intentions, you can lose critical hours of your working day in the blink of an eye; no matter how focussed you believe you are! So the best way to optimise your social media engagement in the least time is to get someone else to do it. A virtual assistant is experienced in social media platforms and can undertake the work with both professionalism and flair. By using their skills in this area, you can concentrate on developing all the extra business that your social media is bringing in!

So, the key to successful social media is essentially down to time management. Social media platforms are very much what you have the time to make of them. The intricacies of various platforms and apps can be daunting, and regulation is increasing. So to really optimise your business social media, entrust it to the experienced hands of a virtual assistant!