Getting Around To It: Business Admin hacks from the front line

Getting Around To It: Business Admin hacks from the front line

Getting Around To It: Business Admin hacks from the front line

Missing Business Calls

Small business owners wear a multitude of hats. It’s an unavoidable part of growing your business and can have huge benefits. However, should you spread yourself too thinly across your business, things will slip through the net. One of the most impactful of these things is the business call. While you’re in a meeting with client A, potential client B calls with an enquiry and you simply can’t be in two places at once. Even if your office extends to several employees, busy periods can mean that calls go unanswered without a dedicated receptionist. And not everyone has the headcount budget for that.

Surely they’ll just call back? Maybe. But maybe not, so take a look at our hacks on how to deal with this potential pitfall.

  • Leave a regularly updated voicemail greeting
    It’s one of those things that most of us hate doing. However, providing a variety of voicemail greetings will make your caller more confident that you will receive the message and return the call. One approach is to record a new voicemail greeting each day outlining when you will be in meetings. Alternatively record and choose from a selection of specific greetings detailing whether you are in a meeting or simply away from your desk.

  • Set up simultaneous ringing
    Whatever your voicemail greeting, you may end up playing telephone tag. Or your potential client may choose not to leave a message. So if you benefit from working with a small team, implement simultaneous ringing so that anyone in the office is able to answer and your potential client reaches a human being.

  • Encourage email correspondence
    If you work alone or are a small team of two or three, it doesn’t take much for a call to be unanswered. So one option is to encourage email correspondence. Detail your email address on voicemail greetings, on your website and on any advertising. In this way, your sales lead has an alternative method of communication.

  • Divert calls to a virtual assistant
    Of course, not everyone likes to reach out via email. It’s frustrating to miss out on business in this way. So the solution that will offer you the most reliable rate of answered business calls is to divert your number to a virtual assistant. As VA’s work flexibly, you could choose to divert all initial enquiries to a VA or simply calls received at certain times. Your VA will ensure that calls are answered with an informative and personable response. So you never lose a business lead again!