Feeling Lucky

Feeling Lucky

Feeling Lucky

Today is a day where I’m feeling lucky. Lucky to wake up on such a beautiful Island (let’s ignore the part with the jet lag!) and lucky to have experienced such beautiful hotels and have such an amazing time with my fellow PA’s.

To recap, Assembler has flown 9 PA’s to the Domincan Republic for a few days to experience all that it can offer, with a view to coming back with the knowledge of what a great place it is, perfect as a location to work from, one that is suitable for adults only, established Wifi and a quiet spot from which to work from (as well as some fun places from which to unwind at the end of the day of course!)

The brief was today was to be shown around some absolutely breath-taking accommodation offerings. I’ve stayed in many hotels through my job but these are something else.

Hotel Onxy, located in Uvero Alto on the northern part of Punta Cana, is where we are currently staying, completed only a few months ago in November 2016 and it is immaculate. The staff are literally tripping over themselves to help you. They have private areas for larger groups to check in as well as a separate space in the Preferred club which allows groups to meet in specific points throughout the day. There is even a private dining area for groups too, allowing them the privacy they require. The grounds are full of stunning scented flowers and greenery, providing much needed idyliic areas from which to espace to and soak up the atmosphere. They really have thought of everything and the little touches are simply divine Wifi is strong in all areas, which is just one less thing to have to worry about.

The rooms are comfortable, spacious and decorated in a modern yet elegant way. Whether you are staying here for business and pleasure it has everything you need to have a wonderful stay.


Attached to the Now Onxy Hotel is Breathless Punta Cana who share one amazing conference centre and you can move freely between both hotels. Breathless truly is the right word for this place when you first see it let me assure you! I think most of the PA’s had the same expression on their faces – just wow.

They cater for events from 150 to 1000 people and there are dedicated event planners there to cater to everything you may wish for or need when hosting a large meeting or conference. They relaiably tell me that there is 10,878 square feet of state-of-the-art meeting facilities located just steps away from our 2,100-foot stretch of sugar-sand beach! I don’t think you’ll find many other venues that can boast this!

As well as simply incredible meetings and events facilities, the actual hotel is for people age 18 or over, it was built 7 years ago. It’s a very contemporary hotel, overlooking the Caribbean and provides the added night life for those that enjoy letting their hair down after a hard day! However if you’re not quite the party animal you once were then rest assured that all rooms are completely sound proofed allowing you to rest and sleep deeply.

There are 11 places providing a la carte dining and a further 7 other venues that can provide you with just about any drink you fancy! The choices here are endless. The place really comes alive once the sun sets on the island.


Our next destination was the Dreams Palm Beach Resort, which is located on the southeast coast of the Dominican of Republic

another resort that provides a large conference centre and can provide small meeting venues as well. This is preferred by families as a location and resort but still can provide the Preferred Club service of private check in’s meeting areas, adult only areas to rest and relax in and ensure you have time just for you. The Spa area in this resort is tranquil and the venue can provide that much needed peace and relaxation around its looping pathways always leading back to the main pool. This hotel has one of the most pristine palm fringed beaches. If you are looking to tie in the work/family time away then this would be a perfect venue for you.


Zoetry was the final destination to view for the day, well today the best was saved until last. If you are looking for peace, tranquillity and time to work out business plans and the future this is where your brain will have time to rest, unwind and process. This is the smallest of the venues but the bespoke brand shines throughout this venue. With idyllic views across the white sand to a high chance of no children on site. The food is divine and with the high standard throughout you could have the whole site to your business for a conference or just enjoy small intimate meetings that will also provide you with the work life balance a lot of you are looking for.


What a varied profile of accommodation we have come to view today…. All of which are lovely and have their own character providing needs to every client you could think of.

Tomorrow we get to see the sights of the local islands and sail of into …….