Dreams Really Do Come True

Dreams Really Do Come True

Dreams Really Do Come True

Dreams Really Do Come True

It is only by using the words in the beautiful song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ that I can fully explain just how wonderful today was. It really has been beyond my wildest dreams. Someone must have known what the word paradise means to me and recreated it right here!

Today is day three of my business trip to the stunning island of the Dominican Republic, Assembler has flown 9 PA’s here to experience all that it can offer, so that they can return, fresh faced and brimming full of ideas.

Today took us to the break taking Island of Saona for the second part of our adventure. Saona Island lies of the southern tip of Dominican of Republic, it is part of the protected national park and is known for its divine mangroves, coral reefs and pal fringed beaches.

I think that I was always meant to go here, something has drawn me to this place. The island has shallow waters that are home to lots of starfish; this was an amazing lifetime experience, holding a starfish made me feel so connected to my business and this incredible journey that I am on.

We took a 90-minute sail by catamaran to the sands dunes, to dive into clear blue waters and soak up the sun. A friendly team kept us entertained with drinks, nibbles and delightful conversation on the journey there.

We arrived to crystal clear waters and sand literally glistening with just how bright white it was! Deckchairs were provided whilst a fire was lit for a BBQ feast of fresh seafood fit for a king! To say that this was fresh food was something of an understatement and my words here just cannot justify just how delicious it tasted.

We then had some free time to relax and enjoy the beach and the sea. We learnt about the protected island and how the tourists visiting, help to build a stronger community. The guest to staff ratio is 1:1.5 so it just shows you how many people are there to help the community make a living in such a poverty-stricken country. It was heart-warming to say the least.

I did my good turn for the day but helping one of our PA’s find her lost sunglasses, although it really wasn’t too much of a chore to go out snorkelling to look for them. I absolutely love being underwater, it’s a different world and there is such a wonderful serenity down there.

Once we had soaked up every bit of what the island could offer us, we whizzed on a jet ski back to our next hotel. I felt a bit like a Bond Girl making a dramatic speedboat entrance directly onto the beach at the Dreams La Romana Resort and Spa!

We were giving a refreshing drink and led through the white sands to the preferred club area where larger groups are checked in quickly and efficiently.

Once again, our bedrooms were immaculate, with garden, sea or pool views and have wonderful balconies.

Dreams La Romana is the perfect resort for couples and couples with children as it is very family orientated. Located only 45 minutes from Punta Cana and surrounded by lush tropical jungle. It features nearly 8,000 square feet of state-of-the-art meeting facilities for smaller groups or for 1000+ people. They also have dedicated group event planners are here to help you find the perfect balance between work and play.

The hotel has three pools; one is adult only and two of these pools also have swim up bar areas. The relaxed garden atmosphere really shines through. You can also use the Spa to unwind, relax and enjoy the private spa area afterwards.

We had a wonderful meander around the resort and settled down for dinner on the Jetty, which provides pre-dinner drinks and a meal right next to the sea. I’m getting rather a taste for this luxurious lifestyle; three lobsters consumed just today!

Chatting to people later whilst having an evening dip in the pool, all of them said just how wonderful the staff were and how they could not have done more for them. With such an abundance of activities, excursions and things to do, guests here really are spoilt for choice.

Thank you, Dreams La Romana for a wonderful experience here!

Sadly, tomorrow is our last full day to explore and we venture on to two more hotels to see what they have to offer. It really is a hard life isn’t it!