Do You Have a Plan for 2021?

Let’s be honest, after the countless challenges of 2020, we wouldn’t blame you if your entire plan for 2021 was ‘survive’. Most businesses now have their eyes firmly fixed on the light at the end of the tunnel, when the vaccine has been rolled out country-wide and we can start to get life back to normal. The problem is, that could take almost the entire year, and the last thing you want is for your business to sit in limbo for another year.

Reflect On Last Year

Refection is, in our opinion, one of the most underused and underrated tools for success! After all, there is no better teacher than experience, and boy has 2020 given us a lot of experience to learn from! Take some time to look back over 2020. Note down all of the challenges, big and small, your business faced, and how you dealt with them. In hindsight – was that the best way to deal with that issue? Or would it have been better handled another way? Were there other options, resources or tools you could have used to get a better result for your business? Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently in 2020? Evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly of your business year, and write down a few key things you want to do differently this year. Put them on big bright post-it notes so you can’t miss them, and use them in your 2021 plan.

Set Big Goals (And Break Them Down)

For just a minute, imagine we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic. What would you want to achieve in 2021? If you had to name just 3 big goals for your business, what would they be? Big goals are the key to successful planning and successful growth in business. After all, if you don’t have a destination in mind, how will you know what direction to drive in? Big goals help us put a pin down on the map, and start to draw a path back to where we are now. It could be 3 areas you feel you need to improve in, 3 milestones you want to hit, or just 3 new things you want to introduce.

Once you’ve got those 3 goals, put them through the Covid lens, just to check they are still achievable. You’ll find that 99% of goals are, and you can go ahead and start breaking those goals down! Take each goal, and write down a list of things you need to do, or things that need to be in place before you can achieve that goal. When you do this, you should start to see a natural pathway forming – an order these tasks need to be done in to help meet your goal. All you need to do after that is plan them out on a calendar, and you’ve got yourself a clear plan for achieving your goals in 2021!

Understand Your Support Network

No business is an island, especially now, so we would suggest you also plan in some help. 2020 has shown us just how much support business owners need from one another, and how much can be achieved when we all pull together. When you’re looking at your goals, you might recognise some areas where you need help. Whether that’s bringing in an HR consultant to help you hire your first employee, finding a designer to help build your new website, or hiring a VA to get your business organised and give you more time back, make sure you know what support you will need, when you will need it, and how you’re going to access it when the time comes.

Get Your Emergency Protocols In Place

Finally, remember that we aren’t out of the woods yet, and you might still need to rely on an emergency back-up plan. If you don’t already have one? Write one down. Try to think of all the things that could go wrong and impact your business, and what you can do to a) reduce the risk of them happening, and b) deal with them if they do happen. For example, if you’re working from home, you need a plan to deal with a long-term power outage, or if the internet goes down. You should also have a plan for what happens to your business if you should catch Covid. How will you communicate with your customers? How will your delivery be affected? What could you do to modify your business while you recover? Do you need to start an emergency fund to cover any shortfall? None of this is fun stuff to think about, but by doing it now you can put together a plan that gives your business the best outcome, and avoid the stress of trying to come up with a solution in the heat of the moment – when no one really thinks clearly.

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