Business Angels – Are you out there?


Business Angels – Are you out there?

I am so proud to share with you that since starting Starfish Admin Services I have been overwhelmed with a great deal of support from local businesses. From offering their advice, to using our services to help their own businesses, it has helped us to flourish to the point at which I am taking on a great new team member who will start from next year.

Thanks to all of this support, I am looking to expand sooner rather than later, and as a part of my plan for growth I am on the lookout for business angels who want to help a business like Starfish.

What am I looking for?

First and foremost, I am looking for help in expanding my own knowledge about building a business, potential options in terms of franchising, nationalising and much more – so an investor that will do more than implement cash to help growth, they will share their advice, experience and knowledge to promote that growth to be successful.

I am also looking for the financial investment so as to grow the team, the opportunity to offer more people to business owners who need this virtual support in their area, and also to build on my ideas which will be shared with them!

Do you know a business angel that is looking for a new adventure? If you can introduce me, I would be so grateful.