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Jules Cheeseman

Having worked for a number of organisations where being highly organised made a big impact. I was inspired to launch my own company. Business owners and managers often comment on the ‘many hats’ that distract them from the ultimate goal – growth. As someone who thrives on bringing order to such tasks, I knew I could offer an invaluable service.


Several years on, we are a small team of like-minded individuals who thrive on hard work and the satisfaction that comes with completion. We have an even broader range of expertise. This including social media management and I am proud to see the company grow with our clients’ needs.


Charlie (pictured with Jules) is a member of the Starfish team. He is training to be a Service Dog, so he gets around and about with business and does a lot of networking.


I am excited for the future, as technology allows more and more tasks to be completed virtually. This reduces the need for on-site staff and costly overheads. This can only be good news for growing businesses. I will ensure that all at Starfish keep pace with these technologies and continue to offer the very best, streamlined services to support your business growth.

Charlie and Me


What Star am I ….. I love to meet new people and with my Service Dog Training, my passion is to care for people.

A fun fact ….. I enjoy being in the office and I love to bark just as a conference call starts


What Star am I ….. I work with Jules to ensure Starfish continues to go from strength to strength. I keep Jules on the straight and narrow – got my work cut out there!!

A fun fact ….. A few facts most people don’t know about me – I have a brown belt in Karate and I passed my grade 1 piano about 5 years ago (these two facts are in no way related!!)


What Star am I ….. business administration, research, strategy and problem-solving.

A fun fact ….. I absolutely love Disney and Orlando (but not the scary rollercoasters!).  So far, I’ve spent 6 months of my life there!


What Star am I ….. I write content that keeps your business seen. Web copy, blogs, case studies – you name it! If it’s got words, I can help.

A fun fact ….. I run a Brownie unit of 30 girls, teaching them all the skills they need to make their mark on the world.


What Star am I ….. I specialise in tech, documentation and email marketing with experience using a range of tools.

A fun fact ….. I trained as a Chef and originally wanted to be a Chef Patron of my own Michelin starred establishment


What Star am I ….. Actioning Processes, organising Documentation, customer service, call making, anything I’ve forgotten.

A fun fact ….. I love reading & learning, sewing and once taught the violin to classes of 30 pupils for 2 years which was both noisy and fun!


What Star am I ….. I specialise in bookkeeping services for Starfish clients, and I’m a self-confessed Xero geek!

A fun fact ….. When I’m not crunching numbers, my ideal day off is spent on a long countryside walk with the family and Freddy, our well-loved rescue dog.


What Star am I ….. I am supporting the team at Starfish Admin by raising brand awareness with consistent posts and relevant content across their social media.

A fun fact ….. In my spare time, I love taking photographs and being creative in the way that I display the pictures both digitally and when printed.

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