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Jules Cheeseman

Having worked for a number of organisations where being highly organised made a big impact. I was inspired to launch my own company. Business owners and managers often comment on the ‘many hats’ that distract them from the ultimate goal – growth. As someone who thrives on bringing order to such tasks, I knew I could offer an invaluable service.


Several years on, we are a small team of like-minded individuals who thrive on hard work and the satisfaction that comes with completion. We have an even broader range of expertise. This including social media management and I am proud to see the company grow with our clients’ needs.


Charlie (pictured with Jules) is a member of the Starfish team. He is training to be a Service Dog, so he gets around and about with business and does a lot of networking.


I am excited for the future, as technology allows more and more tasks to be completed virtually. This reduces the need for on-site staff and costly overheads. This can only be good news for growing businesses. I will ensure that all at Starfish keep pace with these technologies and continue to offer the very best, streamlined services to support your business growth.

Charlie and Me

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