A Journey with a Difference

A Journey with a Difference

A Journey with a Difference

A Journey with a Difference

What a 24 hours it has been! I’m currently writing this blog from the beautiful Dominican Republic (for business not pleasure but I’m certainly not complaining.)

It’s not that often that PA’s travel with work which it’s strange because it makes perfect sense to send them as well as, or instead of the Senior Management team. For a PA it gives them a much better understanding of their management’s needs, requirements and often they’ll meet and chat to people that a senior manager wouldn’t, which means they’ll build up a bank of valuable contacts that always comes in useful.

Most of us realise that travelling with business isn’t the glamourous lifestyle that first impressions give, aspirations of a job that involves travel are often quickly diminished when you must catch an early train to the airport, sit in an airport lounge for hours, and then watch others having fun, whilst you sit in meetings or work inside.

I digress; back to my story: Assemblr and AMResorts arranged for eight PA’s to travel to the Dominican Republic via British Airways. The brief we have been given is to experience all that British Airways has to offer and from there, soak up all the beautiful island with a view of what could be arranged for their Directors on their return. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me and I’m, once again so proud to be here, working hard and experiencing new things.

So, this great adventure awaits. This trip is going to allow us to expand our knowledge so that we are more informed going forward when booking trips through Assemblr for our directors and other team members.

I am fiercely positive and believe in championing business, be they small local start-ups or big brands, if I’ve received a smile and good service then I will tell people about it.

There has been a lot of negative press regarding airlines lately which of course is the media building it up, as is their job. However, given that there are around 5,000 planes in the sky at any given moment, the disruption BA suffered at the end of May was unfortunate yes, but in the grand scheme of things, incredibly insignificant.

I have to say that from the moment we arrived at the BA check in desk, everything ran like clockwork. Every single member of the BA team had a smile on their faces and were happy to go above and beyond our expectations in terms of service.

A few of the PA’s had met before but this was our first time together as a whole group. It’s always a bit nervous meeting people you’ve not met before but how can you not all get along when you are being treated so well and able to relax in business class, drink in hand! It wasn’t long before we were all chatting like old friends.

The staff on the plane were just as accommodating and friendly as those on the ground and the food and drinks were delicious, nine hours just flew by and we even got a sneaky photo with a famous footballer!

There is nothing like that glorious feeling of warmth as you step off the plane! We were all a little tired but a quick transfer on the wonder AM resorts transfer bus and we arrived at the new resort; The New Onyx Hotel (more on this gorgeous place tomorrow) It certainly provided us with an amazing first impression that’s for sure. We were quickly shown to our rooms to freshen up before heading to dinner at the beautiful Capers Italian restaurant, just one of the resorts many restaurants, where we ate delicious food as the sun set on our first day.

It was a long day for sure so we were all glad to retire to our stunning bedrooms, falling asleep with full tummies, happy smiles and a sense of excitement for what lies ahead!